Watching Still Dominates

  • by May 23, 2001
Watching Still Dominates

Edwin O. Fritts, Chairman of the National Association of Broadcasters, in his annual state of the industry address noted that the television industry "is in the most difficult advertising market since the late '80s, early '90s. Added to that economic reality, we are up against more competitors than ever before -- satellite, cable, broadband, the Internet."

Data from Veronis, Suhler & Associates indicates that the web's share of daily usage, measured in minutes, will grow at an average annual rate of 21%, while other major media will be flat. However, even by 2003, average daily usage of the internet will still be only 12% of television's.

A recent Myers Group study, showed that entertainment and relaxation are the primary reasons why television is still America's most popular pastime. The study points out that TV is fundamentally a passive medium, an entertainment box, while most web surfers are actively searching for specific information. Web surfers were more likely to identify themselves as being "involved" in their use of the media compared to TV and radio. Web surfers were involved during 93% of the minutes they spent online, compared to 83% involvement of TV viewers, and 80% involvement of radio listeners.

Only with the advent of widespread broadband access for the Internet, and a richer palette from which to create web advertising. will marketers will be able to weave the emotional and engaging messages that, so far, only television can deliver, concludes the study

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