Exploring The Sense Of Isolation

On Oct. 21, in our "Help Them Make Friends" post, we shared top-line results from our "Why Moms Socialize Online" study and noted the top trends and implications for marketers. Our study reviewed Moms' online and offline social habits, specifically focusing on their attitudes towards networking, community, and sense of self.

We received many inquires from readers asking to understand more detail on the issue of Moms and isolation. We thought we'd share this detail here.

Tough Transition Times

Loneliness and isolation peak for Moms with young kids (0 to 5) and older kids (14-18), indicating that transition times prove tough for both new and experienced Moms. For those with young kids, loneliness often occurs when Moms exit the traditional workforce, leave behind workplace friends, and transition to a new and potentially isolating life with infants and young children without the support of a familiar social structure.



In addition, feelings of isolation combine with financial anxiety when growing families learn to live on one income in today's shaky economy. Likewise, loneliness and isolation hit older Moms, whose role as the primary caregiver wanes as their high-school-age kids forge new independence and rely less on Moms for daily care and attention. Questions centering on "Now what?" and "What's Next?" abound from these Moms, as they identify their next chapter. Online friends and communities provide a crucial social network for both new and experienced Moms as they transition to the next phase in their lives.

• 55% feel their partner does not talk enough with them.

• 41% of Moms are loneliest when their child/children are 0 to 2 years, with 67% lonely during 0 to 5 years.

• 61% want to make new friends.

• Only 19% of Moms are raising their children in the community in which they were raised.

• Less than 50% live near family members.

What This Means for Marketers

More than ever, brands should focus on providing Moms with opportunities for connectivity, both online and offline, rather than just information, expertise or coupons. Tactics such as forming Mom ambassador programs offer them significant opportunities to build relationships and leads them to effusively thank the brand for bringing them together.

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  1. Bruce Christensen from PartyWeDo, December 17, 2009 at 2:36 p.m.

    In our family we have three age-20's mothers and one mid-50's mother who are separated by hundreds and or thousands of miles.
    They use online tools to diminish the isolation from their once strong family support structures.
    They use internet systems to communicate and share gifts with each other.. This seems to breakdown some of the loneliness issues and gives them a reason to gather regularly online.

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