A New Democracy

  • by June 19, 2001
A New Democracy

According to a recent release of the latest in three annual studies by The Media Audit, minority participation on the web is rising sharply. Senior citizens and homemakers are joining the web audience at an impressive rate.

- Men age 18+ increased by 26% during the past three years

- Women now make up more than 48% of the total web audience.

- 44% of African-American households are now on the web

- Among Hispanic households, 42% are now on the web

- Asians were quick to embrace the web with more than 70% logging on in 2000

- just over 58% of white households visited the web in 2000

- Almost 25% of retired households are on the web, an increase of 84% since l998.

- 37% of households, occupied by those age 50+, are on the web, an increase of more than 51% in three years.

- 43% of homemakers are now on the web

- Blue-collar workers increased from 29% in l998 to 44% in 2000

- Working women increased their presence to 63% in 2000.

- Working mothers recorded similar increases to 63% in 2000

- Single parents increased % to 49%

According to Robert Jordan of The Media Audit, "The diversification is exciting. We’re seeing an incredible democratization of the web audience. We’re witnessing the roll out of a direct response, interactive medium that will penetrate every segment of the market."

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