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Another Look At Facebook Redesign

  • GigaOm, Monday, December 28, 2009 1:52 PM
GigaOm has some additional thoughts on two screenshots of Facebook's forthcoming redesign. "While it's still a work in progress, it shows some simple yet major enhancements that reveal where the world's largest social network with over 350 million subscribers might be headed." For one, Facebook appears to be returning to its roots, accentuating "fidelity instead of noise" in its news feed. Also, the navigation bar is reorganized, and it looks as like Facebook is removing the duplicate profile link.

The search field, meanwhile, is now next to the Facebook logo, a clear sign that the company wants search to play a major role in the future, notes GigaOm. "Searches for brands, events, companies and celebrities will be more prominent." To boot, by combining settings and login in an all-purpose "account" dropdown, Facebook is attempting to make it overall user experience cleaner.



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