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More Spec Scripts Picked Up By Networks

The latest spec from "Practice" creator David E. Kelley, the legal drama "Kindreds," landed at NBC during a pilot-pickup season in which specs are hotter than ever. NBC's pilot orders for spec scripts include "Kindreds" and J.J. Abrams' "Undercovers," both from WBTV, as well as "The Event," by writer Nick Wauters, which was reworked through UMS.

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas' comedy spec "Livin' on a Prayer," from 20th TV, received a green light from CBS. It joins two other 20th TV comedy specs-turned-pilots: "Traffic Light," by "Wedding Crashers" co-writer Bob Fisher, and "Most Likely to Succeed," by veteran Dave Walpert. Davey Holmes' political drama spec "Worthy," which landed at Fox in August, also is in contention for a series pickup with an order for two additional scripts. Writing projects on spec has become the development choice for some of the business's top writers, including Kelley.



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