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What's Good For The Goose Is Not Good For The Googler

  • Valleywag, Tuesday, February 23, 2010 1:38 PM

"Eric Schmidt might advocate for making information 'even more open and accessible,' but not when it comes to his mistresses," writes Valleywag. The Google CEO's lawyers reportedly threatened his ex-girlfriend Kate Bohner, a former jounralist for CNNBC and Forbes, after it came to light that her blog chronicling her recovery from addiction merely mentioned Schmidt (in three separate places).

Bohner took the blog down from Blogger, but Valleywag, after taking the stuffing out of Schmidt for his hypocrisy (the Google chief has suggested that those with priavacy concerns simply not have dirty laundry), helpfully points readers to a cached version still available on a service provided by, of course, Google.

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