62 Year Old Madison Ave Creative Pioneer Closing Doors

  • July 26, 2001
Warwick Baker O'Neill, whose legacy includes some of advertising's most famous campaigns, is closing its doors as the result of the erosion of their clients' businesses.

Wilder Baker, chairman and CEO, announced to its employees and clients that the bankruptcy of some of its major clients, together with the acquisition of a number of others, was the major cause of the firm's decision. Mr. Baker said, "WBO has a long history of successful advertising campaigns going back to the firm's founder, H.P. Warwick. Our tradition has been to bring our clients the customer's view recognizing that every person is really two people -- the person who is and the person that he or she want to be."

The original firm, Warwick and Legler, was founded in 1939. From its outset, Warwick established itself as a creative leader. The firm's early relationship was with the original Sam Bronfman and led Seagram's to some of the most effective advertising of its time. As the firm added new consumer clients it became one of the most important forces in the early days of radio advertising with the creative use of stars like Jack Benny, George Burns and Fred Allen.

Warwick's last day of business will be on August 3, 2001. The principals' future plans are uncertain.



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