Kmart Ads Off-Target?

  • August 21, 2001
Target Corporation is filing a lawsuit today in U.S. District Court in Minnesota charging Kmart Corporation with perpetrating a nationwide false advertising campaign. A leading market research firm audited Kmart's "Dare to Compare" advertising and found that 74% of Kmart's advertised price comparisons were wrong. Kmart's "Dare to Compare" campaign uses in-store signs to promote Kmart's prices on different products and to compare Kmart's prices to those at other retailers, including Target. Before filing the lawsuit, Target notified Kmart of overwhelming errors in its comparisons to Target. When Kmart continued to promote false price comparisons, Target retained an independent market research firm to document the scope of the errors, which included Kmart having its own prices wrong, the listing of incorrect Target prices, and the comparing of prices for items Target doesn't sell.
- Adam Bernard
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