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Most Traditional Media Sites Had A Weak Spring Break

  • MIN, Tuesday, June 29, 2010 12:02 AM
After a strong March, consumer magazines online went into a spring swoon this April. Many destinations reporting to min's exclusive digital box scores recorded drops in audience and activity. But the bigger picture indicates that major media brand executives should note a general fragmentation away from their sites.

In most cases, especially in the teen and entertainment news categories, sites without offline presence are growing faster than traditional media brands online. In other words, per publishing consultant Ben Elowitz, old media (up 5% in traffic in 2009) is losing ground to the "" upstarts (up 10%). Still, many publishers continue to gain traffic the old-fashioned way --with compelling content and smart distribution. One bigger grower in April is page views, +232.14% unique visitors versus March 2010).

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