Fox Scores Big With World Series Numbers

  • by November 5, 2001
The Arizona Diamondbacks weren’t the only World Series winners last night. Fox is ecstatic about the ratings for the game, which a spokesman called “the highest rated baseball game in 10 years.”

Fox says the game earned a 38 share with a 27.0 household rating. A Nielsen spokesman says the numbers were 36/26.1. These are preliminary metered market numbers from the top 53 local markets. National numbers will be available later this week.

The numbers were high for the entire Series, 15% ahead of last year’s numbers heading into game seven, according to the Fox spokesman.

Last night’s household share in New York City was 38.6. In Phoenix, it was 60.9.

For the most part, the numbers grew game by game. Game one had a 19 share and a 10.4 household rating. Game six was 24/14.3. The other games ranged from 23/13 to 27/15.8.

While millions watched game seven, the Emmy Awards aired on CBS. It earned a 17 share with a household rating of 12.7. A network spokesman disputed the numbers, since they’re local, and predicted the Emmys would go up when nationals are available. The Emmys aired after being postponed twice, once after September 11 and again on Oct. 7 after the U.S. bombings of Afghanistan started.



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