Itunes, Subscriptions... maybe...

If you're reading this post, then its more then likely that Apple has already announced there big news, but for now, at 2:41pm November 15th, I find myself sitting at my desk staring at Apple’s website which reads "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget." Though, with my short attention span it will most likely be forgotten within the hour. The quote is directed at Apple’ iTunes.

Which we can assume is set to release a major update to the ever popular music software at 7:00am tomorrow.


The question is though, what could it possibly be.

I wont pretend to like iTunes. Sure it holds my music in an orderly fashion but I’ve always have been skeptical of buying music from their online store. Sure it might have revolutionized the way we shop for music but I don’t find it necessary to security code all of my purchased mp3 files. I prefer to be able to transfer my music to all of my external hard drives with out getting a headache



Regardless, the announcement has gotten my interest. The first thing that occurred to me is that iTunes may be set to release a subscription based model, much like their Zune counterpart. It's an intriguing prospect. Originally, I have never been a big fan of payed subscription music streams. Sure you get all the music you want, at a monthly cost, but it takes away the one thing that music lovers love to have, true ownership. We like to own our music, because once the subscription is up, the musics gone.

Recently though, I’ve come around to the idea. As the world shrinks, and devices are more readily equipped to handle a wireless world, the subscription based model becomes a more viable option. Imagine being able to stream an endless amount of music to a product, say and Apple iPad, or iPhone for the small cost of fifteen dollars a month. Its an exciting prospect.

Whether my speculations are true are not, it will be interesting to see what Apple has come up with.

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