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'Rolling Stone' Staffers Do Double Duty At 'Men's Journal'

Wenner Media boss Jann Wenner will tap Rolling Stone veteran Jason Fine to lead Men's Journal after firing editor-in-chief Brad Weiners last week. Wenner will announce Fine's appointment this week to a seat that has seen frequent turnover. Fine, who is executive editor at Rolling Stone, has a background in music but not outdoor adventure writing. Wenner was in Hollywood over the weekend for the kickoff of RS/LA, a licensing deal for the first Rolling Stone-themed restaurant in the magazine's history.

Rolling Stone was off nearly 4% on the year, according to Media Industry Newsletter, while Us Weekly, the most profitable magazine in the stable, was down 3.6% through its Nov. 22 issue. Men's Journal has actually performed better than its siblings publications and was off only 1.5% in ad pages this year.



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