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Google Probed By E.U. Antitrust Regulators

  • Bloomberg, Tuesday, November 30, 2010 12:30 PM
European Union antitrust regulators are probing Google for allegedly discriminating against competing services in its search results, and well as stopping websites from accepting rival ads, reports Bloomberg. "The European Commission said it's investigating whether Google's AdSense contracts prevent publishers from striking deals to place ads from other services on their sites," Bloomberg writes.

"It will also look at allegations that Google limits advertisers' ability to move data such as key search terms from AdWords to another service." Earlier this year, several Google rivals, including Microsoft's Ciao from Bing, filed a similar antitrust complaint against the search giant. "Given the dominance of Google in the European search market this doesn't come a huge surprise," Sam Hart, a media analyst at Charles Stanley in London, tells Bloomberg. Separately, French, German and U.K. data protection regulators have leveled complaints at Google over its Street View service, which collects data from private homes.

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