Ebony the Entrepreneur?

  • by , December 15, 2010

I recall once in class, a few classmates and I had a discussion on plans post-graduation. I startled everyone when I announced quite confidently that I was not in a rush to find a job. I had always envisioned myself working for myself and I only came to college to get the licensing to do so.

I got the usual questions: Aren’t you scared? What about bills? I didn’t have the heart to tell them that unless they invent it, their dream job doesn’t exist and bills and fear were the very least of the worries.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, only 24.4 percent of 2010 graduates who applied for a job had one waiting for them after graduation (up from 19.7 percent in 2009).

After joining the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization I was intrigued by the amount of professionals in various fields I had met who went out and made it happen on their own. Also, trade articles and industry reports predicting the decline of certain areas in my chosen career path have made me weary of the job market.



The other day I read an article on Yahoo that pretty much encouraged my entrepreneurial ambitions:

"The lesson may be that entrepreneurship can be a viable career path, not a renegade choice — especially since the promise of 'Go to college, get good grades and then get a job,' isn’t working the way it once did. The new reality has forced a whole generation to redefine what a stable job is."

In this time of streamlining, cost-cutting procedures and weird new hybrid jobs being able to go into business can be the best overall situation and the potential for ever-expanding social media networks make viral marketing a breeze. Now, with graduation fast approaching I am starting to feel the burn of reality.

Welp… guess its time to find an angel investor.

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