Let's hope the North Pole doesn't have dial-up.

Did you ever write a letter to Santa? I’m sure I did. I can’t really remember anything specific I asked for or how old I was, but hey, what little kid didn’t want to tell Santa what she would like for Christmas?

Of course, I used a pencil and paper, maybe some crayons. Kids these days can skip the mailbox and write an e-mail directly to Santa via the Web site


I like this idea. It’s a nicely modified tradition for today’s tech-savvy kids. While it’s not as traditional as the classic paper letter to Santa, still lets kids pick a special stamp for their e-mail and leave Santa their own comments. And naturally, Santa gets the letter as fast as the North Pole’s Internet connection works – no imaginary mailman needs to tromp through five feet of snow to deliver it to him. The site also has a scrolling feed where some children's comments have been posted, complete with a “Reconnecting to Santa supercomputer ‘Kringle’” notice.



The site seems safe, telling children not to include their last names, addresses or other personal information in their e-mails. And aside from the cute, heart-warming experience of writing a letter to Santa, some of the posted e-mails on the site are downright entertaining:

“If you can bring me a brother or sister, it doesn't matter what they look like, or what color they are, or how old they are, (just not real old, like 60 years old) someone who likes to play soccer and basketball with me. And if you bring me a baby sister, then she can share my room, and I will take care of her always, I promise. Thanks Santa.”- Blair, 5, Perth, Australia.

“Don't get dirty in the chimney or Mrs. Santa will be mad when she has to wash your coat.”- Alex, 3, Butler, Pennsylvania.

“I'm moving on Dec. 21st. Please call my daddy for directions if you don't know where my house is.”- Ashley, 5, Ladera Ranch, California.

“Thank you for the remote control car last year even though it broke the day after. I know you tried and that's what counts.”- Alex, 8, Richfield, Utah.

“Just so you know, I put a trap on your cookies so daddy will not eat them this year.- Matt, 9, Westbury, New York.”

“Even though I'm really small, I'm big on being good.”- Emily, 2, Largo, Florida.

Some letters are touching, a little sad or written by older folks. But why not spread a little holiday cheer with the oh-so-infinite Internet? Check out the site or write Santa yourself. And Merry Christmas!

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