I have Seen the Future...and it's Still Facebook (for now)

  • by , December 13, 2010

I need to first start off by saying that I COMPLETELY agree with Bobby's comments on the social platforms of yesteryear. I do however wonder about the social and technological impacts of Facebook, not to mention the cultural significance.

These are things that no other social network has been able to accomplish. With that being said I don’t Facebook will suffer the same fate as those sites.

I’ve heard several friends go on and on about how one day Twitter will be cooler than Facebook and blah blah blah. But, because millions of dollars are at stake among other things; I don’t necessarily see that happening. Our addiction won’t let that happen. Our dependence won’t let that happen, nor will our never-ending desire to know what our ex is doing every waking moment of the freaking day.




I am also a little confused by the student in Bobby's story who gave an extremely basic speech on Facebook usage. This just goes to show that not everyone in the 18-24 demo is an expert on tech and media.

But back to my point about Facebook: Although it may not be around forever and ever… it is currently first on the long list of procrastination-inducers that evolve over time.

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