Internet And Email: Changing Traditional Media Consumption

The rise of Internet and email is curtailing the use of traditional media. A survey of consumers by Gartner G2 conducted this summer and relelased this week shows that TV and newspapers are the hardest hit, with 20% of respondents saying they use them less often. Fifteen percent read magazines less often.

The study was based on a survey of 4,398 consumers, according to Denise Garcia, a media research director at Gartner G2. The results are somewhat surprising to her because "everyone thought the Net would affect magazine reading, but it was affected less than the other media," she says. "The Internet has dug into newspaper and TV consumption more than anything else."

Consumers were asked if they use media somewhat less often or much less often. While 6% watch TV somewhat less often, 14% watch it much less often. For newspapers, it's 10% for each and for magazines it's 7% somewhat less often and 8% much less often.

The study didn't focus on the specific ways consumers use the Internet and email, but concludes that "traditional media and advertisers should take advantage of this change in consumption habits and develop Internet and email distribution channels. Establish an Internet marketing plan to reach new customers. Develop an email option for billing, promotions and other correspondence previously sent via regular mail."

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