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In-Flight Wifi Service Gogo Gets $35 Mil

Aircell, the parent company of in-flight wi-fi service Gogo, just raised another $35 million in financing. "That's more than $500 million in total financing raised so far, to bring you Internet access while you're in the air," reports The San Francisco Chronicle. Aircell CEO Michael Small said the company has recently made major financial improvements, and is on the "path to profitability." Small also told that the company's growth curve is accelerating, thanks to more airlines installing wi-fi on more of their planes.

During a recent Google-sponsored promotion, Small said that Gogo did 3 million wi-fi sessions over the six weeks from just before Thanksgiving until just after New Year's. "Given that Gogo recently completed its 10 millionth session, that's roughly 30% of all sessions during the Google promotion," notes. Could that mean that air travelers online like in-flight wi-fi when Google's footing the bill?



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