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Analyzing The 'NY Times' Pay Fence

Nieman Journalism Lab's Ken Doctor analyzes in depth the "newsonomics" of the New York Times' just-announced pay model for digital content, which he assumes will be tweaked over time.

Doctor's biggest initial concern was the lack of an annual digital subscription, which "makes it far less friendly to expense accounts for business readers." In an update, he wrote that "The Times just let me know that there will be an annual offer, although the size of the discount is still TBA."

Doctor also noted that the timing of the announcement "is remarkably good - playing to the astounding iPad 2 launch, big news around the world, and a growing sense of the Times' outsized importance as media chaos multiplies."

Poynter's Rich Edmonds also weighs in on the subject, explaining how the Times move "could increase circulation and ad revenue, protect print and save journalism!"



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