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DailyCandy Does Deal "Roundup"

Women's lifestyle publisher DailyCandy recently unveiled The Roundup, which will regularly highlight 75-to-100 daily deals. It's "the latest offering meant to help position it in the current 'quick click deals' landscape, yet set it apart at the same time," writes paidContent. "It's also intended to help buttress DailyCandy's Wb site and remind readers that it's not just an e-newsletter, though that still is where its identity lies."

According to Beth Ellard, SVP and GM for DailyCandy: "Users love to go through large scale round-ups, which is what the gift guides are, because it's filtered and therefore so easy to navigate through ... Readers are also interested in sharing these picks as well."

By building up its site, DailyCandy is also facilitating the sharing of its features across sites like NBCU's iVillage, paidContent notes. "It's also preparing to be part of NBCU's lifestyle broadcast and taxi-cab Webcast, LXTV." Readers can customize The Roundup. A warm-weather vacation theme, for example, invites users to refine their searches by region.



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