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Post-Paywall 'NYT' Off Up To 15%

How is fairing since the debut of its paywall? According to Experian Hitwise says, visits to the site were off between 5%-to-15% during the 12 days after the paywall's launch. As paidContent notes, visits were actually down only slightly on Friday and actually up on Saturday, "possibly because of interest in the budget showdown."

Traffic depreciated most severely - 15% -- on the last day of March, when the greatest number of visitors to the site would have reached their monthly article limit, according to Experian Hitwise. Under the New York Times' new paywall plan, visitors can read 20 articles a month free before being prompted to subscribe or scram. It does not appear, however, as though the daily drop off in visitors has accelerated in April as this month has progressed, paidContent notes. "Instead, the daily decrease seems to have stayed steady at between 5 percent and 10 percent a day."



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