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Twitter: Bring On The Bad Press!

Responding to Twitter's nastiest press coverage since its founding, co-founder Biz Stone gives us a quick lesson in news cycles. "The normal press cycle is to put a company on a pedestal and then knock it down," he blogs following Fortune's nearly 4,000-word story on why Twitter's trouble. "It's much more interesting that way." Furthermore, Stone says he welcomes the piece as a sign that Twitter is being taken seriously.

"Twitter is an important company, and it's under scrutiny from journalists -- this is exactly how it's supposed to work." Yet, lacking from Stone's retort is any mention of the many issues that Fortune believes are hurting the company.

"Besides the CEO shuffles, there are secret board meetings, executive power struggles, a plethora of coaches and consultants, and disgruntled founders," writes Fortune. "These theatrics, which go well beyond the usual angst at a new venture, have contributed to a growing perception that innovation has stalled and management is in turmoil."



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