Keywords on eBay

  • June 24, 2003
eBay has premiered a new advertising service, called Keywords on eBay, designed especially for eBay's diverse community of sellers. The new service provides eBay sellers a way to build awareness, increase revenues, and drive traffic to their item listings, About Me page or Store within the eBay marketplace. The program will be officially unveiled at eBay Live!, an annual community event in Orlando, Florida, June 26-28, 2003. Keywords on eBay is a co-branded offering provided through AdMarketplace, an advertising technology platform and service developed by Conducive Corporation. The new service allows sellers to create and target banner advertisements based on specific keyword terms. Keywords can be categories, types of items, brands, eBay Store names or eBay User Ids. With more than 79 million item-related searches per day on the eBay site, Keywords on eBay can be an effective marketing tool since it displays banner ads that are contextually relevant to the items that buyers are searching for on eBay. In addition, it can be cost-effective since the fee for utilizing Keywords on eBay is based on a 'bid-per-click' model, meaning sellers pay only when someone clicks on their banner ad. Starting at 10 cents, sellers bid the maximum price that they are willing to pay for each click on their banner ad. If the bid is among the highest, the seller's banner ad will receive a premier placement in the ad rotation on eBay's search result pages.
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