Holiday Channels Rank in Top 25

  • December 19, 2002
Two holiday Web channels, MUSICMATCH Traditional Christmas and MUSICMATCH Contemporary Christmas ranked within the top 25 Web channels for the week of December 2, according to Arbitron’s MeasureCast Ratings. MUSICMATCH Traditional Christmas was ranked number nine with 96,254 hours of Total Time Spent Listening (TTSL) or Aggregate Tuning Hours (ATH). MUSICMATCH Contemporary Christmas was ranked number 15 with 77,188 TTSL. MUSICMATCH Artist Match was the top ranked Web channel with 292,187 hours of TTSL. JazzFM was ranked number two with 285,255 hours of TTSL. TTSL or ATH is the sum total of hours tuned by listeners to a given station or network. Clear Channel Worldwide was ranked the top webcast network with 1,397,207 hours of TTSL. MUSICMATCH ranked number two with 1,304,343 hours of TTSL. StreamAudio was ranked number three with 1,039,225 hours of TTSL. Overall, Arbitron’s MeasureCast Internet Radio Listening Index rose the week of December 2. Since January, the Total Time Spent Listening to online stations measured by Arbitron’s MeasureCast Ratings grew 179%. The index is a representation of the trend in the total time spent listening to a spectrum of online radio stations.
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