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Magazines Take To Tumblr

Though still hard to measure the direct impact of a Tumblr extension, ever more magazine editors believe it's worth their while. "A successful Tumblr targets a community that might not be familiar with the print publication or its Web site," editors tell Business Insider. "It hasn't been a huge traffic driver for us, but it has been, I think, key in bringing new people to Mother Jones as an organization and as a brand," Laura McClure, who helps run the publication's site, tells BI. "It's such a young audience overall and it's a different demographic from our usual Web site reader or magazine reader."

By BI's estimate, there are at least 61 publications currently active on platform, including GQ, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, and The Economist. Meanwhile, media companies are learning how they can effectively leverage the platform, according to Mark Coatney, who came over from Newsweek in 2010 to help Tumblr ingratiate itself with more publishers. Coatney, who says he works with a growing number of PR firms, is particularly interested in Tumblr's global reach.

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