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UK Web Headed For Harsh Regulation?

Someone summon the ghost of George Orwell. A group of UK copyright lobbyists reportedly held confidential, closed-door meetings with Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries to discuss what Boingboing characterizes as "a plan to allow industry groups to censor the Internet in the UK."

Claiming to possess a copy of the leaked proposal, the popular blog says it reveals a plan to establish "expert bodies" that would decide "which websites British people were allowed to see, to be approved by a judge using a 'streamlined' procedure." What's more, "The procedure will allow for 'swift' blocking in order to shut down streaming of live events."

Public interest groups like the Open Rights Group reportedly asked to attend the meeting, but were shut out, "presaging a regulatory process that's likely to be a lopsided, industry-centric affair that doesn't consider the public," according to Boingboing. Those with a seat at the table are calling the process "voluntary," but the proposal makes reference to the Digital Economy Act, which allows for mandatory Web-blocking, Boingboing explains.



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