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Twitter Plans Bolder Ad Strategy

Twitter is considering placing ads among the short messages that users see in the most active parts of its service, The Financial Times reports, citing sources. "The move to place 'promoted tweets' in the main 'stream' of tweets on the service is likely to be controversial with users who have seen only limited and unobtrusive marketing messages so far in Twitter's five-year history," it writes.

Yet, the move comes amid increasing pressure on the microblogging leader to turn its massive user base into dollars. As FT puts it, the "service that has so far failed to make money from its audience as effectively as rivals such as Facebook. Twitter is also reportedly contemplating "deals and offers" similar in style to rival Groupon, sources tell FT.

It may also introduce enhanced profile pages for brands and media management tools, which could allow advertisers to pre-schedule 140-character posts. Meanwhile, Twitter executives, including revenue head Adam Bain, have reportedly been meeting with marketers and agencies at Cannes Lions to discuss new ad strategies.



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