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Minneapolis Star-Trib Helps FBI Nab CyberHackers

An ad placed last year on the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's Web site led to an FBI indictment against two Latvians this week as the agency cracked an international cybercrime case. The alleged hackers had spread "scareware" via ads on other news sites as well, writes James Walsh, although no other sites were named in either his story or in the official FBI press release  about the case.

The South Florida Business Journal, meanwhile, focuses on its own local twist -- an alleged buyer named Lisa Polowski from a nonexistent Miami ad agency, called RevolTech Marketing, who sent an email purchasing the original ad.

That ad ran for only a few days before the newspaper caught on to the scam and pulled it, reports Walsh, and, "To add ad insult to Web injury Lisa Polowski never paid."



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