AT&T Plans Nationwide Rollout of Bundled DSL

AT&T yesterday announced the launch of a new residential digital subscriber line (DSL) high speed Internet service that can be packaged as part of an AT&T communications bundle. The new high-speed Internet offer is now generally available in the state of New York. AT&T intends to offer the new DSL service in a number of additional states this year with plans to eventually offer it in all states in which AT&T provides bundled local and long distance residential services.

The new offer, which utilizes a nationwide data network provided by Covad Communications, enables consumers to bundle AT&T's DSL service with other AT&T local and long distance services. The ability to bundle AT&T DSL service is based on a process called line splitting, which involves AT&T "splitting" the loop it buys from the Bells to offer AT&T local, long distance and DSL service on the same line. Line splitting for large volumes of customers is an innovative process that gives consumers more choice for high-speed Internet access.



"We're excited to offer consumers high-speed Internet access as a key part of a compelling package of local, long distance and Internet services," said, Kevin Crull, senior vice president, AT&T Consumer. "Our customers in New York can now take advantage of our award-winning, high quality local and long distance phone services and enjoy zipping around the Internet to download music in seconds or watch video clips of fast breaking news as it happens with no dial-up delays or inconvenience."

Consumers in New York can choose the standard AT&T DSL plan for the price of a dial-up Internet connection -- $19.95 a month for the first three months and $39.95 a month thereafter. Or, consumers can choose the preferred AT&T DSL plan and enjoy even faster premium speeds. Consumers who choose the preferred plan get a $20 discount off of the regular price for the first three months. The preferred plan is available for $49.95 a month thereafter.

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