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Facebook Comments Plug-In Hits 300K

Across the Web, Facebook says some 300,000 sites have integrated its Comments Box plug-in since its debut in March. Considering that plug-in had only been integrated into 50,000 sites by mid-April, the announcement actually "indicates adoption has accelerated in the last few months," according to Insider Facebook. "This is a sign that the plugin has matured passed some initial concerns ... and is now a more viable comments solution with added distribution benefits."

The social network has also announced two updates to its Comments Box plug-in for third-party sites. Users can now select to sort comment reels by reverse chronological order, as well as by chronological order and by Facebook's "social ranking" algorithm. This should help users following real-time events. Facebook also added a "Boost Comment" button, which allows moderators to select certain comments to push to the top of a reel.



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