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Google To Speed Up Web, One Page At A Time

  • PC World, Thursday, July 28, 2011 12:19 PM
What would publishers do without Google? The search giant has developed a new service that analyzes Web pages and then rewrites their code to make them perform better, while serving them up from Google servers. To use the hosted Page Speed Service, Web publishers are being asked sign up and point their site's Domain Name System entry to Google, from which point the service will grab the site's content, optimizes it for speed, and deliver the pages to end users.

"Visitors will continue to access a site in the same way as before but could see speed enhancements of 25% to 60%," writes PCWorld, citing Google's claims.

The service is already being offered free to a limited number of selected Webmasters, while Google is expected to announce pricing and other details in the near future. "Google has many products and initiatives designed to help speed up the rendering of Web pages," PCWorld adds. "It believes a faster online experience is better for everyone, including Google."



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