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Quora Tests "Credits" System, User Profiles

Question-and-answer site Quora has begun testing credits system called "Ask to Answer Suggestions." It gives users a budget of 500 Quora credits, which they can use to pay other users to answer questions. The price for questions will eventually increase or decrease based on the answerer's ability to answer questions, as well as their topic expertise.

Quora has also added the option to include location and employment information in user profiles, letting users broadcast social and business information like where they live, go to school and work. The new profiles also allow for Facebook-style status updates, presumably because people were already using the question functionality to post non-questions.

Regarding these new "interesting initiatives," TechCrunch says they are "all signs that the Q&A site is trying to figure itself out." According to Quora designer Rebecca Cox, "We have a lot of systems in place to provide a good environment for everyone to learn and share, but those same systems can be difficult for people new to the site to understand."



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