Moms And How They Value Information: Yours

Moms are easily recognized: women with children. Of course, they vary in age, income, education and where they live, but today they all share a common experience: they are time starved. Advertisers recognized this years ago, identifying "the juggler," the now-familiar busy Mom who is great at multi-tasking, but could really use one more thing to make her life a little easier, or her home a little cleaner, or her family behave a little better.

Recognizing the Jugglers' priorities is one step. Understanding how to reach them as they make decisions about products whether rushing down a supermarket aisle, or clicking across the Internet, requires more.

What can a brand do to grab their attention and keep it long enough to change their minds or their buying habits?

The answer lies in how they value marketing information, whether presented in an ad or a web site. What value does it have and when do they need it? Most Moms want to be informed, but for some marketing information holds almost no value at all. For others, it's all about when they get it; can they claim the "First to Know" badge?



We recently took a look across two well-known Online Mom* segments -- Health Committed Moms and Brand Loyal Moms -- to discover if there are more effective ways for brand marketers to serve up marketing information.

  • Health Committed Moms (39% of online Moms) place an immense value on marketing information. Their focus on health would seem to demand it. Information is the most valuable thing a brand can offer. Health Committed Moms "are very likely to act on what they learn". Brands need to be careful with their own language and make sure they monitor the competition.

Brands have another more unique opportunity with Health Committed Moms. These Moms reward brands that help them win the "First to Know" badge. New product launches targeting these Moms should include tactics for positioning this information as exclusive and reaching Moms who are most likely to value and share this information.

But these Health Committed Moms with their First to Know badge surprisingly spend less time on "health" sites. In fact, if we were to recommend how to reach them online we'd be looking at fashion and beauty sites (82% more likely to spend time), as well as family and food (84% more likely time).

  • Now let's look at the easiest segment to categorize, but a challenge for any new brand, or want-to-be #1; Brand Loyal Moms (32% of Online Moms). As we expect, loyalists don't seek out information at all. They just stay with their brands. Can anything get them to change a brand? How about a shift in their own personal values? Admittedly, this is difficult to predict and seldom occurs, but right now something is going on.

For the last several years we have been watching as Brand Loyal Moms become increasingly concerned with the environment. In the last several months, there have been more Brand Loyal Moms on "green" sites than ever before. More time, in fact, than any other Mom's segment, including Health Conscious Moms.

Motivating Moms requires moving beyond the idea of the Juggler to an understanding of how they value marketing information, from ads to tweets. What they need and how those needs shift as their own values shift will give brand marketers a new edge, one they will need as the Juggler moves faster and faster.

*Resonate Networks' Online Moms sample size is approximately 35 million.

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