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Can Google+ Be Ignored?

MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson says the success of Google+ is certain. And why is that? Because, "Unlike, every other competitor in the social networking space, G+ has a unique advantage:,,, and," Anderson writes in a guest post for The Next Web. "These four domains are some of the most trafficked in the world."

Inevitably, writes Anderson, at the top of these four sites, "there is, or will be, a little black bar and a little red notification indicator." Put another way, Google's massive online footprint gives it "the power of accretion," he explains.

"The constant reminder this black bar/red notification provides, means that Google+ doesn't need to have high engagement numbers from all its users in the beginning. Day by day, one key person after another will find that they enjoy the G+ platform more than its competitors. They'll start posting and then the ball starts rolling."

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