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Google+ Acquires Another Critic

  • PBS, Tuesday, September 20, 2011 12:30 PM
What has huge name recognition, tons of potential, but -- at least in its current state -- the chilly feel of a ghost town? Google+, says contributor Dan Reimold. "As it stands, my Circles are sparse," writes Reimold, an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Tampa, and blogger. Just one man's opinion, sure, but he's not the only one calling Google+ barren.

As Reimold notes, it was actually Omaha World-Herald columnist Rainbow Russell who recently said: "It's a not-vicious-enough-to-be-interesting circle: Nobody posts on Google+ because nobody posts on Google+. My Google+ home page is worse than a ghost town. It doesn't even feel haunted."

So, what's Google+'s problem? So far as Reimold sees it, "There are a few things that are slightly better [than Facebook and other existing social media platforms], but what's really making a huge difference? You know, that's the problem. There's nothing really groundbreaking [about Google+]." Echoing a recent critique by contributor Paul Tassi, Reimold just doesn't think there's room in most people's lives for another social network.



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