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Report: Dish Network Debuting Streaming Service

This afternoon, All Things D expects Dish Network to debut a Netflix-style streaming service a la Netflix. Any such service would be bad news for Netflix, which has already had a rough past few months. "You don't have to be terribly perceptive to see this one coming," according to All Things D, explaining that Dish's invitation for today's event jokes that Dish and Blockbuster - which it recently acquired -- plan to offer a "stream come true."

It was also widely assumed that the only reason Dish paid $320 million to buy Blockbuster out of bankruptcy back in April was in the interest of a large content play. And, as if that weren't enough, "there's the fact that Dish itself has said, on the record, that it wants to launch a Netflix-streaming competitor," All Things D reminds us.
As for the service itself, All Things D predicts that Dish will do its best offer more titles than Netflix for the same $8-a-month that Netflix charges, or less. "But," it admits, "that isn't a given," particularly given the fact that Netflix boasts roughly 20,000 titles.



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