Preparing for Peak Media

  • by October 4, 2011
Peak Oil refers to when oil production reaches the point of diminishing returns. Borrowing the concept, will there be a point when media consumption reaches a point of diminishing returns? Our research at MAGNAGLOBAL forecasts a steady increase in household adoption rates of media devices, time spent with media, and total consumer ad exposure. And in the era of ubiquitous connectivity, we are also anticipating a steady increase in simultaneous media consumption. Whether or not one can call the top, the point is that our lives are becoming increasingly mediated. Total Mediation will profoundly impact how we learn, tell stories, and deploy mass communications. While the anology to oil production is interesting, the fact that we can't even agree on a methodology to define the upper bound of media consumption means that the media experience is going to change exponentially. Buckle your chin strap!

Brian Monahan is EVP; Managing Partner, MAGNAGLOBAL Intelligence Practice. He served as guest editor for MEDIA Magazine's Future of Media issue.

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