The Future of Media is Being Recognizable -- By Machines

  • by October 7, 2011

A huge part of marketing has always been how well can people recognize your brand and packaging in store or on the street. But now you have a new set of 'eyes' to impress, image recognition algorithms. Image recognition is improving rapidly especially due to the investment from the military and government as they are using it for security reasons. Services like Google Goggles, Microsoft Vision, and Facebooks face recognition are bringing this to the consumer world and your products need to be created to be recognizable be machines. Design for media will need to be thought of as not just standing out to people but as metadata which helps your brand be recognized and be actioned upon anywhere in the world. From allowing your customer to like your brand page directly from a photograph of someone standing next to your store in their Facebook photo, to making sure when someone searches for you the moment you are spoken about in on a TV show or news segment video search engines can take the user directly to that timecode in the video. Embedding sensorial metadata into everything your brand does will in the end make your brand stand out and be more recognizable to your customers. I like to think of all objects both online and offline having a digital aura and making sure yours glows strongly will be a key part in the future of media.

Richard Schatzberger, Chief Technology Experience Officer, Co Collective (@schatz)

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