iPhone Buyers Heed Siri's Siren Call

  • October 18, 2011

Sweet-talking Siri is the chief feature that drew a record number of buyers to the latest iPhone model, according to a new poll by location-based service Loopt. Nearly half (45%) of iPhone 4S buyers said the device’s voice-activated personal assistant was the primary factor that lured them into getting it. Siri was followed by the new 8-megapixel camera and the faster A5 dual-core chip, each cited by 22% of those surveyed as the top reason they bought the new iPhone.

Siri is clearly the breakout star of the iPhone 4S, which initially left reviewers underwhelmed as only a modest upgrade over its predecessor. But it seems the voice recognition feature is quickly easing disappointment over the lack of an iPhone 5. After all, Siri can do it all, from telling you the weather to remind you of appointments to where to get a taxi. Plus, the female-voiced program appears to have a sassy side that’s revealed in response to more profound or romantic queries. It’s all helped Apple sell a record 4 million units in the iPhone 4S’ first weekend. --Mark Walsh

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