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Washington Post Creates New Post To Represent Consumer Voice

  • Poynter, Friday, October 28, 2011 3:32 PM

The Washington Post has created a new position -- CXO, or Chief Experience Officer -- “to strengthen the voice of the consumer in our product development and execution," writes Publisher Katharine Weymouth in a memo quoted here by Jim Romenesko.

Former Post Chief Researcher Laura Evans will take on the job -- which may not be a full-time one, since she has also been promoted to vice president of research. But she will vet "new products and major changes to existing products," notes Romenesko.

Why a CXO? "In a day when we have evolved to a 24/7 news operation publishing on multiple platforms, and when we operate in a hyper-competitive market, the customer must be the primary driver of our product-related decisions and changes," writes Weymouth.



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