Facebook Grumbling

  • by , September 22, 2011

My least favorite thing about any kind of a facebook layout change is my facebook newsfeed being blown up by facebook statuses reading, "Seriously, facebook?! I hate the new layout!" or "Way to keep changing, facebook." My question is... what in our lives is not constantly changing? Why is it so important to everyone that facebook stay the exact same as it was when it was first brought about in 2004? (Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg).

If facebook was the exact same as it has been since it was first engineered, the technology would be so outdated that facebook would have ended up being what myspace is to us now... a distant memory. With so many people getting more involved in Twitter and Google+, of course Facebook has to make some changes to compete with the popularity of the new emerging media. I know I am in the minority, but I like the Facebook changes. I like the simplistic nature of Twitter and seeing updates as they are happening, which Facebook has now incorporated into its new layout.



This is only the beginning, too. It is clear by now that people are so attached to Facebook that it is never going to leave us the way that Myspace did. We've been in a long-term relationship with Facebook now, and it's hard to accept change. Change is on the way, though. This is the new launching season for Facebook. While I'm sure most users will see it as too much too quickly, I will be embracing the change.

And avoiding looking at my "Facebook grumbling" newsfeed until the changes are over for now.

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  1. Ace Howard from Ball State University, September 28, 2011 at 2:19 p.m.

    Grumbler here.

    I found the recent updates ugly and cluttered. Not only does the ticker look like "Yo dawg, I put a Facebook in yo Facebook," but it's designed to stay fixed in the same position on your screen even if you scroll down the page. I feel like it's chasing me!

    Also, don't get too used to Facebook as it is right now. The developers are going to release a timeline update in the near future. You can bet the grumbling will be louder than ever.

    All I know about the update is that Facebook will be very different.

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