I can't Escape - But Why Would I Want To?

  • by , September 29, 2011

Social media is an aspect of our lives that most of us would have no idea what to do without. But is there too much social media around us? Is everything turning into social media?

My brother told me about Spotify, which I was told would be "the better version of Pandora" because I can choose specific artists and listen to them all day long. On his fancy iPhone, he connects to Spotify and listens to only and all John Mayer while making an hour commute to work. This sounds like the perfect free application on the surface. I downloaded Spotify yesterday and listened to an array of artists for about an hour. I logged on to Facebook a few hours later and saw on my page, every single song that I had listened to on Spotify. It's not that I care that people see who I'm listening to, but why should they care who I've spent the last hour listening to?

Although this could be a great way to network new artists, bands, and songs, it seems that Facebook is getting more and more overwhelming with the amount of information it gives me about my friends. I don't really care about most of what is going on with Facebook lately, and it's making me spend most of my time on Twitter. Google is trying to get in on this social networking fun with Googe+ and I'm sure there will be many others trying as well.

Maybe Facebook could be the new Myspace.

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