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American Media To Launch Reality TV Mag -- Just In Case You Were Dying For More Dish On Kim

Another marker on the road to the end of civilization? American Media, publisher of the National Enquirer, Star and Radar Online, will debut Reality Weekly, devoted exclusively to coverage of reality televison, the first week of January.

Though "ad sales at celebrity magazines have been softening," Jeremy W. Peters writes, the market seems feasible. After all, he notes, "The public has a hearty appetite for reality television that isn’t showing any signs of being sated."

The launch also seems cost-effective, since no new staffers have been hired to put out the magazine, which is being edited by OK Weekly editor Richard Spencer.

There's also lots of material available. “Reality stars, you can’t keep them away,” is one of Spencer's quotes:  “It’s always ‘Come to my wedding!’ or ‘I just redid my baby’s room. Want to see it?’ ”

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