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Google: Most TVs Will Carry Google TV

By the summer of 2012, most televisions on the market will come embedded with Google TV. That’s no fact, but rather a bold claim by Google chairman Eric Schmidt, which has some Web watchers calling bull.

Labeling it “a moonshot too far,” paidContent writes: “Convincing any of the manufacturers to adopt Google TV over their own varieties looks way more difficult than it has been in the mobile sector … And that’s not even accounting for how, in many countries, TV is dominated by several big platforms and pay-TV vendors in a way mobile is not.” 

“Pigs will also take flight,” tweets Danny Sullivan.

“The claim would seem to run counter to mixed reviews, disappointing sales numbers to date, and the growth of competing connected TV platforms,” notes The Verge. “Perhaps Schmidt knows something we don't?”



Jokes Gizmodo: “Aside from complementary massages and gourmet lunches, another perk of working at Google appears to be an abundant supply of powerful drugs, with Chairman Eric Schmidt proclaiming his floundering Google TV will be built into most TVs next summer … "

No doubt, Google “has a lot riding on Google TV, which it wants to pair with the increasingly professional-looking YouTube,” writes eWeek. Schmidt’s 2012 projection, however, is “a bold hope given the current state of the platform.”

Still, while Schmidt’s Hail Mary strikes Engadget as “an awfully lofty goal given [Google’s] light market penetration thus far,” it admits: “With Samsung still on board the Google gravy train and others waiting in the wings, Schmidt just may be right.”

Likewise, 9To5Google suggests: “While some of you might scoff at [Schmidt’s claim], seeing as Google TV’s current performance is subpar … perhaps with the rumored Samsung partnership and switch to ARM based processors Google could have something up their sleeves.”


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  1. Marc Rauch from The Auto Channel, December 8, 2011 at 4:11 p.m.

    Ultimately all TV should have the ability to present "Internet" content. And if it's not Google that will do it then who will?

    Apple TV (and the others) is not an Internet experience, it's more of just a connection point to a limited number of specific web-video resources.

    So Google is really best set up to be the dominate force because they have the money to make it happen. They can pay the TV set makers directly, or they can acquire some ownership in the corporations, or both.

    The current quirkiness of Google TV is irrelevant as the technology will continue to improve, just as Internet video went from terrible when we pioneered its use in 1996 to today's very acceptible near-HD experience.

    It might not happen in 2012, but it's just around the corner.

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