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Companies Can't Beat Baldwin On Social

  • Forbes, Monday, December 19, 2011 9:44 AM

Alec Baldwin tweeted about his American Airlines "Words with Friends" fiasco, wherein he refused to stop playing, went to finish the game in the bathroom, slamming the door so loudly it was heard in the cockpit as he went into the loo, and was kicked off the flight.

American Airlines responded with its own explanation of what happened on Facebook, but Baldwin went to “SNL” to make fun of the airline.

Forbes contributor Erica Morphy argues that as brands shift their digital assets to Facebook, Google and Twitter, these kinds of PR nightmares could become currency. "When a customer—a smart, tech-savvy and funny customer that is—wants to strike out against a brand on social media, it is not a fight the brand will easily win … people are funnier than companies, for starters, and able to get away with edgy humor. And even if the company hired the best comedy writers to stick it right back to their antagonist, it would just be seen as Goliath stomping the bejesus out of David."

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