Kimberly-Clark to Reach Teen Girls Via Yahoo!

  • April 22, 2003
Yahoo! and its music destination LAUNCH have teamed up with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, makers of KOTEX brand, to introduce KRUSH, a section dedicated to the best in pop music on LAUNCH. Kimberly-Clark's online destination for teen girls,, is the official sponsor of KRUSH. GIRLSPACE gives teens a fun and interactive way to stay connected to teen-related information. To help GIRLSPACE expand its reach to teen girls, Yahoo! has created a comprehensive sponsorship program for GIRLSPACE on KRUSH. This program provides branding rights of the KRUSH section and heavy media rotation within LAUNCH including artist pages, search pages and photo galleries, through early 2004. In addition, LAUNCH has built a custom Internet Radio Player, branded for GIRLSPACE which links directly from both and the KRUSH section.
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