Super Bowl: It's about the Commercials

  • January 31, 2003
A Knowledge Networks study reveals how powerfully the high-stakes spectacle of Super Bowl advertising has captured the attention of consumers nationwide. The research shows that 65% of those who watched the Big Game were as interested in the commercials as the football, and that 20% considered the advertising a bigger attraction.

In addition, 93% of Super Bowl viewers agreed that “people pay more attention to commercials during the Super Bowl than to those shown during other special events.” And 85% believe that companies advertising on the Super Bowl are “industry leaders.”

The KN panel also provides a unique tool for tracking key ad effectiveness drivers; compared to last year’s Super Bowl – a closer game than this year’s – viewer attentiveness was slightly lower overall in 2003, with the greatest difference coming in the fourth quarter. For the game as a whole, respondents reported having their eyes on the screen 59% of the time in 2003, versus 63% in 2002.

Characteristically, almost all Super Bowl viewers (86% to 93%, depending on the quarter) said they were involved in other activities while watching the game. And 30% reported seeing all or part of the game outside of home – 19% at a party and 3% at a restaurant, bar, or club.



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