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'Forbes' Steals From 'New York Times'?

Is it ethical to summarize and repackage a story online? How can  traditional print newspapers maximize their digital strategy?  These were some of the issues raised by the post "How Forbes Stole A New York Times Article And Got All The Traffic," which Jim Romenesko revisits here.

Romensko gets telling quotes from the three people involved in the controversy.  "I took a great piece by an excellent reporter and created a version of it that was better for an online audience," says Forbes reporter Kashmir Hill."This is a big part of what I do as a 'new journalist.'"

"Remixing content is an important part of creating content on the web. It also happens to perform incredibly well," says blogger Nick O'Neill, who wrote the original post criticizing Hill. "However there is an important question that’s raised: when someone else spends a significant amount of time to research and develop something... [aren't they the one who] deserves the majority of the recognition?"



And Charles Duhigg, who wrote the original Times piece, is gracious toward Hill -- but also notes "every hour spent summarizing is an hour not spent reporting. And at the end of the day, this job is only really fun if you discover what no one else already knows."

Fascinating take on the subject -- even the post commenters add something to the discussion.

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