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All Quiet On The Oscars Newsfront

  • Adweek, Thursday, February 23, 2012 3:52 PM

All's relatively quiet on the Oscar newsfront -- at least quieter than last year, when the media was eagerly anticipating (and just as quick to crucify) new hosting duo Franco-Hathaway. We've also heard that, unlike the usual promotionalooza, the producers are keeping "mum" on show details, 

The closest thing to a controversy right now is the hoopla surrounding Sacha Baron Cohen, who reportedly wants to appear on camera dressed as the title character from his latest movie, "The Dictator." Academy bigshots are worried, since "the Academy is careful to exclude studio-specific film promotion from its annual Oscars telecast (it only recently allowed movie ads to run during commercial breaks)," writes Matthew Belloni. 

On the Oscars tie-in front, People magazine -- whose readers reportedly anticipate its red-carpet coverage more than any other event -- is capitalizing on that fact with partnerships with both Gilt and Redbox.



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