Real Media Riffs - Friday, Mar 21, 2003

Other People’s Riffs. The War Version (Kindof).

Told You He Was Hard Of Hearing: During his morning show on day one of the Iraqi invasion Rush Limbaugh told listeners: “I'm not messing with people who want to say this attack is illegal, it's not warranted, it's not justified - I'm not going to argue with you people anymore. Take your propaganda to somebody else who might believe it."

Who Says Americans Are Arrogant? CBS News anchor Dan Rather opened the network's Wednesday night bombing coverage with "Good morning Baghdad" as the sunrise bombing started.

Did They Pay Someone To Write This Headline?: U.S. poised to strike? Wed., May 19 @ 4:01 pm.

Aha! The Headline Writer Is Found: Media mogul Ted Turner says he recently volunteered with Cable News Network, which he founded, offering to go to Baghdad as a reporter to cover the war, but was turned down. "I'm 64 and I've been pretty well wiped out anyway," Mr. Turner said, referring to the precipitous drop in the value of his AOL Time Warner stock. He was told he wasn't "really qualified," Mr. Turner continued, adding that it was the same thing critics said when he'd started CNN. "All I'd have to do is hold the microphone up and say, 'The bombs are falling,'" Mr. Turner said to laughter from an appreciative insider audience that included NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw.



Begging The Question From Which Angle? Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has a new job: reality TV host. Lewinsky has been hired for the Fox series "Mr. Personality," a dating show in which a female contestant is courted by men whose looks are kept hidden.

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